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Real Estate Transactions and Property Related Matters

Van Ruiten Law Corporation assists clients with all types of real estate transactions. The firm represents clients from property acquisition through development to sale. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten assists clients with both stand-alone real estate matters and those that arise in connection with an agricultural, business or estate planning matter. Collateral real estate issues often arise when dealing with agriculture, business and/or estate planning matters. A client is best served by an experienced attorney who: (1) understands the issue at hand; and (2) can identify and discuss with the client related issues critical to the successful resolution of the matter. An example of the real estate matters handled by attorney Anthony Van Ruiten include:

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

Assist clients with the sale or purchase of open land, office, residential, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten provides counsel on the drafting and negotiation of the purchase and sale agreement, due diligence in regard to title and environmental issues and guidance through the financing and escrow process.


  • Agricultural Leasing – Represent both landlords and tenants in negotiating agricultural leases. In California, most statutes dealing with landlord-tenant law also apply to agricultural leases. In addition, California has adopted certain provisions that apply specifically to agriculture, such as providing for a landlord’s lien on crops when the tenant fails to pay the rent. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten assists clients in drafting and reviewing all types of agricultural leases, especially land and equipment leases.
  • Commercial Leasing – Represent both landlords and tenants in negotiating commercial leases, such as office, retail, and industrial. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten strives to clearly state the rights and responsibilities of each party so as to eliminate ambiguities in the lease terms. This clarification of roles and attention to minor details insures that the risk of future litigation is minimized. In addition, Anthony also advises clients on ground lease transactions and property management issues.

Secured Lending and Finance

Represent and advise clients in secured and unsecured credit transactions, asset based financing, construction, real estate development lending, acquisition loans and operational financing. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten assists clients with all aspects of negotiating, structuring, documenting, closing, and restructuring loans, as well as representing clients in work out situations and other finance related transactions.


Represent and advise property owners owning property encumbered by an easement and those holding easement rights. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten assists clients in all manner of easement issues, such as establishment, scope, and abandonment.


Represent and advise clients in matters concerning most types of real estate liens. The types of liens most commonly encountered are both voluntary, such as mortgage liens, and involuntary, such as tax liens, and mechanic’s liens. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten can assist a client in filing a property lien, in having a lien released, or in resolving a lien dispute.

County Property Tax Disputes

Advise and represent clients when necessary in county property tax disputes. There are many reasons why an assessment may be disputed. The assessed value of the property may exceed its true market value or a comparable home in the neighborhood is being taxed at a lower rate. In most cases, landowners can challenge an assessment by submitting the proper form. After that, the process varies, but usually an informal hearing at the assessor’s office is the next step. In the event a formal hearing becomes necessary, attorney Anthony Van Ruiten can provide a client with the legal representation necessary to protect their property rights.

Unlawful Detainer

Represent and assist both landlords and tenants in an unlawful detainer proceeding. An unlawful detainer proceeding is a limited proceeding designed to permit a landlord to recover possession of real property from a tenant who is wrongfully in possession. To be successful, a landlord must follow a multi-step process prescribed by law. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten represents clients faced with filing or defending against an unlawful detainer proceeding.

IRC Section 1031 Property Exchange

Represent and advise clients involved with the sale or purchase of property that is the subject of a 1031 exchange. Generally, if you exchange business or investment property solely for business or investment property of a like-kind, no gain or loss is recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. A section 1031 exchange is a complicated process and requires that the seller meet certain legal requirements. Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten advises clients throughout the 1031 property exchange process.

Property Title Disputes

Represent clients in proceedings to gain clear title to real property. Property title disputes arise in numerous ways, such as issues associated with how title is held to a conflict or controversy over a claim of right to the property by a third party. Van Ruiten Law Corporation represents clients in all manner of title dispute proceedings.

Attorney Anthony Van Ruiten understands the issues facing property owners and has the experience necessary to protect their interests and effectively represent them. Contact Anthony today at 916-822-6980 to discuss your real estate matter.

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